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Uncover and prioritize customer experience issues

Analysis doesn’t get much simpler than this: Decibel automatically pinpoints experience issues on your website or app, and quantifies the impact you’ll have by fixing them.

Decibel reveals the specific UX issues faced by customers, and ranks them by impact

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it: Decibel is built specifically to analyze and report on digital experience, granting a depth of insight that nothing else can.


Finally – your top questions answered

How can I get visibility into the biggest CX issues on my website or app?

How can I uncover the ‘why’ behind user drop off or frustration?

Which optimizations will have the biggest business impact?

How can I unite my team’s understanding of how experiences impact business goals?

Go beyond small focus groups and user testing with qualitative data about your entire audience

Never worry about small sample sizes again. Decibel’s AI crunches every single experience on your website or app, and gives you actionable insights to reduce frustration and radically improve engagement. Be it for a page, segment, or your entire digital offering, it’s your optimization to-do list – served automatically.

Save time on projects by immediately understanding where to focus your optimization efforts

Decibel’s experience issues pinpoints where and why users are struggling, and quantifies the impact that struggle is having on your business. These are the highly visual insights you need to grant everyone in your team visibility into how to improve experiences – and why it’s so important to do so.


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