Great customer experience
drives loyalty and sales

Decibel’s AI scores every online customer experience to expose what is really happening on your website, and provides the most advanced tools available to understand why.

The Choice for Enterprise

Finding hidden insight is so quick and easy, it’s almost unfair

Tap into DXS®, the world’s biggest brain for improving digital experiences. Instantly receive the insights you need to radically increase online conversion, engagement, and customer loyalty.

  • 1. Access unrivaled experience data

    Honing for years on high-traffic websites, Decibel’s DXS® crunches billions of digital experiences a month to power an unparalleled engine of insight.

    Access unrivaled experience data
  • 2. Discover optimization opportunities

    Immediately after installation, Decibel applies its intelligence to your website – showing you trends in user frustration and engagement, and scoring and surfacing poor experiences.

  • 3. Understand and improve experiences

    Investigate further with deep, powerful visualizations that enable you to step into your users’ shoes, understand their pain, and prioritize improvements with your team.

  • 4. Push insights to your martech stack

    Decibel enriches your favorite tools with data about the quality of digital experiences, completing the story of website & app performance.

Access unrivaled experience data

Don’t just take it from us: Forrester study confirms Decibel provides 449% ROI for world’s top brands

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) study shows how Decibel creates $9m’s worth of benefits in just 3 months, as well as a 70% time saving on optimization projects.


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