Digital Experience & Conversion: Industry Benchmarks for 2021  |  VIEW REPORT

Digital Experience & Conversion: Industry Benchmarks for 2021  |  VIEW REPORT

You don’t have time to analyze every session replay. Decibel’s AI does.

Harness the power of DXS® – the world’s most sophisticated algorithm for optimizing digital experiences.

The Choice for Enterprise

Finding hidden insight is so quick and easy, it’s almost unfair

Tap into DXS®, the world’s biggest brain for improving digital experiences. Instantly receive the insights you need to radically increase online conversion, engagement, and customer loyalty.

  • 1. Access unrivaled experience data

    Honing for years on high-traffic websites, Decibel’s DXS® crunches billions of digital experiences a month to power an unparalleled engine of insight.

    Access unrivaled experience data
  • 2. Discover optimization opportunities

    Immediately after installation, Decibel applies its intelligence to your website – showing you trends in user frustration and engagement, and scoring and surfacing poor experiences.

  • 3. Understand and improve experiences

    Investigate further with deep, powerful visualizations that enable you to step into your users’ shoes, understand their pain, and prioritize improvements with your team.

  • 4. Push insights to your martech stack

    Decibel enriches your favorite tools with data about the quality of digital experiences, completing the story of website & app performance.

Access unrivaled experience data

Don’t just take it from us: Forrester study confirms Decibel provides 449% ROI for world’s top brands

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) study shows how Decibel creates $9m’s worth of benefits in just 3 months, as well as a 70% time saving on optimization projects.


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