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When it comes to understanding your online customers, Decibel’s got you covered

Our AI-powered solution helps you measure, benchmark, and improve customer experiences across your entire digital offering.


Analyze the quality of every user experience with the award-winning Digital Experience Score (DXS®)

Finally, a useful metric for experience. DXS® empowers digital teams to quantify the value of every user journey, so you can quickly discover opportunities and improve results.

DXS® automatically crunches every moment of user interaction, contextualized to each web page

Understand user experiences without asking customers a single question

Decibel’s DXS® crunches billions of datapoints around user navigation, frustration, engagement, as well as form and technical experiences, to provide a score between 0 to 10 for every user.  Proven to predict conversion, DXS® takes the guesswork out of managing, measuring, and improving digital experiences.   

Investigate and start improving your DXS® for better online conversion, engagement, and loyalty

Decibel’s discovery and diagnostic features uncover the why behind customer behavior, empowering you to empathize and better communicate with your customers.

  • AI Discovery features

    Let Decibel do the hard work of experience analysis for you. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms rank experiences issues by impact, as well as pages and audiences segments by behavioral performances, so you can focus your attention right away.

  • Smart Session Replay

    Watch back how customers navigate your content and understand how their behavior is impacted by errors, load speed, and friction. Get smart with super-specific segmentation and sophisticated user mapping so that, no matter the device or channel, you have a holistic view of user behavior.

  • Advanced Heatmaps

    Get the big picture. See which on-page elements contribute most to your business objectives by navigating your website or app with advanced, best-of-breed heatmap overlays – detailing revenue, specific user behaviors, and much more.

  • Automatic Form Analysis

    Which forms have the highest abandonment rates? Which lead to the most user errors? Use deep form insights to measure every user interaction and deliver friction-free signups and checkouts.

Enrich your entire MarTech stack with one-click integrations


Ready to discover your Digital Experience Score?

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