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Decibel for Web
Decibel for App
Decibel for Web


  • Up to 2M Web page views (Monthly)​
  • Up to 2 web properties tracked and managed​
  • DXS® Prioritization Engine (Includes Frustration, Engagement, Forms, Navigation, and Technical Scoring)​
  • Unlimited access to heatmaps including AI detected behavior patterns and revenue attribution​
  • Unlimited Session Replay with quick-view behavior ID . Pause, comment. tag & share. Supports all dynamic content​
  • Experience Trend Analysis for visitors and segments with 6–month retention period (DXS scores/journey mapping)​
  • Experience Issue Analysis with 2-month retention period (Session Replay, Heatmaps, Form Analysis)​
  • Unlimited data integrations (Analytics, VoC, A/B Testing)​
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager​
Decibel for Web


Everything in Growth, plus:

  • Custom- level page views (Monthly)​
  • Unlimited web properties tracked and managed​
  • Custom retention periods for Experience Trend Analysis and Experience Issues Analysis​
  • Premier data integrations with Adobe, Medallia, Usabillia, Qualtrics and many others
  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager​, in addition to a Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Personalized implementation support services​
  • Data-stream capabilities to automatically enrich existing data models with proprietary digital experience data
Decibel for App

All Levels

  • Custom session, launch, and app property levels tracked and managed​
  • DXS® Prioritization Engine (Includes Frustration, Engagement, Forms, and Technical Scoring)​
  • Unlimited access to UX analytics for app across five key levels: customer journeys, screen, segment, form and overall experience​
  • Light-weight SDK with app- end user performance protection​
  • Unlimited session replay- Automatic & manual masking for PII is available​
  • Unlimited Funnel & Journey Analysis: View the exact screen-based paths at each step in the app journey.​
  • Unlimited Form Analytics​: Granular insight to reduce form abandonment​
  • Fully compatible with iOS (12.0 and later versions), Android (Kotlin and Java), Hybrid (Xamarin) and more​​
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