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Get alerted to user frustration, and quickly understand the context behind support issues

Decibel automatically pinpoints customer struggle and enables team to immediately replicate issues, dramatically reducing call center volume and costs.

Decibel provides leading support teams with previously hidden insight into customer issues

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it: Decibel is built specifically to analyze and report on digital experience, granting a depth of insight that nothing else can.


Finally – your top questions answered

How can I see exactly what the customer saw when the issue arose?

How can I get the context required to immediately replicate reported issues?

How can we get ahead of customer complaints and identify problems before they’re reported?

How can we reduce support calls and make unavoidable ones as efficient as possible?

Link your customer feedback tools to Decibel to get all the context you could ever need

Performing effective analysis of your campaigns requires a new category of data: digital experience data. Decibel grants analysts the ability to put an actual number to user engagement, frustration, navigation, as well as form and technical experiences – all without having to ask users a single question.

Get ahead of support issues by quantifying trends in user behavior and responding to frustration in real time

Decibel’s experience issues pinpoints where and why users are struggling, and quantifies the impact that struggle is having on your business. With real-time alerts, you can respond to problems before they’re even reported.


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