5 Retailers Nailing Digital App Experience (and How to Improve Your Own)

Lauren Burgess
Written by Lauren Burgess
October 23, 2019

Americans spend 87% of their time on mobile using apps. Other studies have placed the figure even higher. Knowing statistics like this, it’s clear that a high-performing ecommerce app can be a worthwhile investment. 

There’s no denying that a perfectly-optimized mobile website is essential for an ecommerce business, as this is where people discover your brand, explore products and read reviews. Anything less than a flawless, friction-free experience can cause potential customers to lose their patience and head off to your nearest competitor. 

However, thanks to a fully immersive environment and functionality like push notifications, native apps are where you can truly drive loyalty, value and repeat business from your customers.

Follow the example of these five retailers to make your app the best it can be:

1. Promote a culture of exclusivity like Nike

Nike is a brand in the truest sense of the word. It’s a company that loves to make waves with its marketing, and stepping out in Nike-branded apparel is a statement for many. It makes sense then that, for Nike, the digital app is all about building an exclusive community that makes its customers feel like insiders. 

Nike uses its app to provide early access to the latest products and offers, extend invites to special events like athlete training sessions, and provide styling tips and behind-the-scenes peeks at new designs. On top of all this, the digital team at Nike facilitate easy shopping and returns with their friction-free checkout.  

To make like Nike, give your app users something exclusive to help them feel loved. It will go a long way to cementing your brand in their hearts. 

nike app

2. Personalize experiences and make valuable offers like Boots

Boots may have started life as a drug store way back in 1849, but today it’s a mainstay of the British high street and a shopping destination with a wide range of products. It’s especially well-known for its Christmas product range and sales.  

The Boots app is closely linked with its rewards program. By linking your loyalty card with the app, you can access offers that have been personalized based on your activity and purchase history. These offers can include money off, additional loyalty points or cheaper products bundles like 3 for the price of 2. Many of the offers are exclusive to the app, so it’s a big draw for shoppers and a reason to stay loyal to the brand. 

To follow in Boots’ footsteps, make sure your app includes thoughtful personalization. Offers are always welcome, but it’s the ones that really speak to your customers’ interests that will keep them coming back for more.

3. Make shopping incredibly convenient like Amazon

For shoppers today, convenience is king. Amazon has pioneered and now cornered the market on what it means to provide truly friction-free shopping experiences. This is just as evident in its digital app. 

Amazon wins its app users over with seamless shopping options including 1-click ordering, subscribe & save offers, wish lists and more. It’s also very easy to search for products in its near-infinite catalog of options. Not only can you browse by category and type in search terms, you can also search using voice or even images.  

The convenience doesn’t stop at the point of ordering, either. If enabled, the app will send push notifications alerting you to status changes with your package. Thanks to updates like this, customers don’t need to spend all day at home waiting for deliveries. 

Feeling inspired by Amazon? Give your customers plenty of easy ways to search and shop via your app and provide additional value with dispatch and delivery updates.

4. Perfect your product visualization and make checkouts a breeze like ASOS

We’ve talked a bit about how ASOS is nailing digital experiences before, but its app deserves a moment in the spotlight too.  

With over 850 brands currently selling their products through ASOS, it’s essential to have intuitive navigation and powerful search capabilities. Thankfully, this is exactly what the app provides.

Each product comes with images from multiple angles and even includes a short video, so you can see how the garments move with the models. With enough purchases, the app will eventually provide personalized product recommendations on the “Your Edit” page. 

At checkout, you can simply scan your card to make payments and enjoy ASOS’s famous speedy delivery to 242 countries around the world. 

If you needed any more evidence that the app provides fantastic experiences, you could check out any of the thousands of five-star reviews just like the one below. 

When it comes to ecommerce, anything you can do to help customers visualize your products is great. Take a leaf out of ASOS’s book and really perfect your imagery!

5. Blend digital and in-store experiences like Best Buy

Best Buy’s app does a lot of things well. You can manage your account, shop from anywhere and check out the latest offers and sales. Where it really shines, however, is in its capacity to blend digital and in-store experiences.  

After using the app to find your local store, you can browse the aisles and scan the QR or bar codes of the products on the shelf in order to access more details, compare products and read reviews. Want some recommendations but the store associates are busy with other customers? No problem. You can instantly call or chat with an expert online who can answer any of your questions – all through the app. 

Ecommerce apps need to work flawlessly as a standalone channel – but, following the example of Best Buy, configuring them to enhance in-store experiences too can seriously impress your customers.

Following these examples are sure to improve native app experiences, but if you really want to facilitate value-led, friction free customer journeys, you need to invest in a digital experience intelligence platform like Decibel.  

Get in touch with the experts today to get your free personalized demo and discover the tools needed to perfect your ecommerce app. 

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