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What is Decibel?

Imagine a world where every experience on a website or app was effortless

That’s the world we’re creating with Decibel. Our AI-powered solution automatically detects, surfaces, and quantifies poor digital experiences.


We’re on a mission to make digital teams so informed about user experiences they know exactly how to improve them.

Every day, millions of dollars are lost due to poor experiences on websites and apps – and businesses are often in the dark about what’s causing them.

Decibel’s digital experience solution is built specifically to identify these poor experiences and provide enterprise businesses like Lego, Adidas, and Sony the insights they need to optimize them.


Decibel’s AI unlocks answers for a whole host of functions

Web Analytics

Instantly discover the ‘why’ behind user behavior and quantify website performance. Learn more.


Understand exactly what drives A/B tests results and augment VoC programs. Learn more.

Product & UX

Evaluate and enhance user journeys, and optimize page layouts and interfaces. Learn more.


Effortlessly visualize customer demand, fulfilment quality, and optimize checkout processes. Learn more.

Digital Marketing

Uncover the best performing content, paths and campaigns so you can optimize spend for repeated success. Learn more.

Customer Support

Get alerted to user frustration, and quickly understand the context behind support issues. Learn more.


Ready to discover your Digital Experience Score?

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