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Instantly discover the ‘why’ behind user behavior and quantify website performance

No more time-consuming, incomplete manual research – just accurate and reliable insights that show the truth about digital experience.

Decibel provides leading web analytics teams with insights they can’t get anywhere else

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it: Decibel is built specifically to analyze and report on digital experience, granting a depth of insight that nothing else can.


Finally – your top questions answered

How can I uncover the ‘why’ behind user drop off or frustration?

Which optimizations will have the biggest business impact?

How can I supply my team with visual, compelling, and persuasive insights?

How can I manage and lead digital KPI improvements across the board?

Unlock new analytical capabilities by automatically quantifying digital experiences

Performing effective analysis of digital experiences requires a new category of data: experience data. Decibel grants analysts the ability to put an actual number to user engagement, frustration, navigation, as well as form and technical experiences – all without having to ask users a single question.

Inform your colleagues with accurate, unarguable data about user behavior and digital performance

Enable your organization to drive more targeted and efficient programs by uncovering the areas of success and friction across your digital offering. Correlate the performance of web elements with conversion, engagement, revenue and other metrics critical to your business.


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