Why the Best Ideas Don’t Get Tested and What to do About It

“You know what our visitors would respond to?” This is often the preamble to a great idea thrown out in a meeting. Heads around the table nod vigorously. The meeting adjourns and the idea floats off into the ether. The chain of events that let business-changing ideas die are predictable and preventable. If it is your job to grow an online business, pay attention.

There’s a lot of data out there. That means a lot of ideas to be considered.

As the founder of Conversion Sciences, Brian Massey has evaluated thousands of ideas for websites. He’s seen innocuous ideas transform a business and big redesigns crater. The challenge is to find the right ideas and defend them from getting dismissed before their time. Learn:

  • How our brains evaluate design ideas
  • Why bad ideas get tested instead of good ones
  • How to manage the deluge of ideas
  • What to do with your craziest ideas

Your webinar host…

Brian Massey

Brian Massey

Founder, Conversion Sciences LLC