July 9, 2020 — 8:00am PDT | 11:00am EDT | 4:00PM BST

Validation Study with River Island predicts 43% conversion increase with DXS improvement

How can you quantify user experiences to predict conversion and revenue? That’s the question retail giant River Island, teaming up with Decibel’s data scientists, set out to answer.

After analyzing millions of user sessions and quantifying digital behaviors with the Digital Experience Score (DXS), the Decibel team of data scientists and analysts predicted that an improvement of the DXS by 1 would increase the conversion probability by 43% on average, potentially driving up to an extra $4.2M in monthly revenue.

Please join Edita Tamasauskaite, Digital Experience Analyst for Decibel, as she shares the results from the validation study, and learn:

  • The methods we used to correlated user experiences with conversions and revenue
  • The impact of different devices (i.e. desktop, tablet and mobile) on DXS and the likelihood to convert
  • Recommendations for how to improve customer experiences and drive conversion

Your webinar host…

Edita Tamasauskaite

Edita Tamasauskaite

Digital Experience Analyst, Decibel