5 Tiny Content Tweaks for Big Conversion Boosts

Want to change your website’s performance without changing its message? Get more engagement without getting lost in the details? Or maybe you just want to improve your website’s rankings without doing a full content overhaul? No matter what your content goals are, there are ways to reach them without making major changes to your workflow. If you’re in charge of your company’s content strategy, your goal is to work smarter, not harder.

According to the Content Management Institute, most content marketers focus on three main goals: (1) creating brand awareness, (2) educating their audience, and (3) building trust and credibility. But what about increasing leads? Boosting sales and conversion numbers? These goals may be even more important than others as they can directly impact your bottom line.

Join content ninja Lilach Bullock to learn about::

  • How less words can mean more conversions
  • What split tests can teach you about your audience
  • How to change your forms to get more leads
  • Secrets of top content performers and how they can work for you

Your webinar host…

Lilach Bullock

Lilach Bullock

Business Coach | Content Writing | Speaker

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