June 24 @ 1pm EST —or— June 30 @ 1pm BST

Decibel LIVE! Virtual Product Training

At Decibel, we want all our customers to be equipped with everything they need to receive the highest value from the product. In this free, 2-hour, advanced product training session, we’ll be addressing key use cases and arming you with the knowledge needed to tackle the issues that matter most to you.

With practical advice and walkthroughs of powerful Decibel features, you’ll leave this session ready to face the CX challenges of 2020 and beyond, head on. Don’t miss it!

Secure your spot now to learn:

  • How the biggest companies in the world approach web optimization
  • Best practice for solving experience issues at scale
  • The technologies shaping digital experience in 2020 and beyond

The Decibel LIVE! Virtual Product Training Agenda

Whether you choose to attend on June 24 at 1pm EST, or on June 30 at 1pm BST, the agenda remains the same – and you’re in for a whole host of digital experience goodness.

  • Foundations of Insight Discovery

    Did you know that you can track your visitor and on-page goals directly in Decibel? In this session you’ll learn goal setting for visible results, creating and managing segments that work and practical tips in establishing page groups.

  • Mapping Customer Journeys: The Real Paths to Conversion

    Visitors do not always travel through the funnel as envisioned. Decibel’s journey mapping allows you to look at your website traffic in aggregate- highlighting expected paths as well as new routes of traffic that digital teams were previously unaware.

  • Discover Behaviors & ​Interactions with Heatmaps

    Heatmaps are a great way to visually see aggregate behaviors on your websites and apps. Decibel offes a variety of heatmaps that allow to quickly understand the intenity of activity on your pages. There are many benefits in heatmaps especially when used in conjunction with other tools like session replay.

  • How to win at Form conversions

    Form Experience Score (FXS) is a powerful metric to understand the #1 KPI metric on your website and apps. Form completion = conversion. Learn how FXS is calculated along with how to use form analytics and form discovery reports to ensure your forms will deliver.

Conversations you want to be a part of

At last year’s Decibel LIVE! events in Boston and London, it was great to get so many people passionate about digital experience for enterprise together in one place.

This year, though we’re moving online, we can’t wait to harness that same passion and energy to learn from our key speakers and peers and discuss all things digital experience.



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