Fidelity International

Fidelity International deploys Decibel to monitor user frustrations and improve online conversions that drive customer loyalty

Seeing the ‘why’ behind customer feedback delivers complete ROI from week one.

Optimizing the critical customer gateway

One of the key purposes of Fidelity International’s website is to provide a secure portal for customers to manage their investments online. Customers can log in from any device to maintain existing investments and make new ones.

In order to ensure they provide the best experience possible for their customers, the digital team at Fidelity International use a Voice of Customer (VoC) tool in conjunction with Decibel to identify, measure, and fix poor performing areas of their website.

Getting the full picture behind customer feedback with Session Replay

Despite the usual due diligence of testing customer experiences across every browser and device, the Fidelity International digital team noticed a sudden and unexpected spike in negative feedback from customers trying to log in to their accounts. Customers were rating themselves as ‘Highly Dissatisfied’, but the team had no insight as to why. Surprised, the team passed the user IDs from their VoC tool into Decibel to review the session replays of dissatisfied users.

From watching back sessions, it became clear that users who were leaving the negative feedback were unable to log in: they could not even access the login screen, as a loading widget revolved indefinitely. The team also discovered that all affected sessions were using iOS devices, as well as the Safari browser in private mode.

Delving deeper with Decibel’s in-depth reporting

Having established the cause of user frustration, the team set about investigating how to fix it.
First, they created a segment within Decibel of those using Safari in private mode on iOS devices. On analyzing this segment further, they confirmed that the login issue extended to all users with this specific device and browser setup: something external – that the team couldn’t possibly have tested themselves – was preventing normal user journeys taking place.

Armed with this knowledge, the team watched more session replays and noticed that in all sessions, a pop up occurred in the bottom right corner of the user’s screen with an error message regarding cookies. In order to work properly, the customer login form deploys cookies to the user’s browser. Safari in private mode on iOS devices was rejecting these cookies, rendering users unable to login. To judge the priority of the fix, the team performed an impact analysis on this subset of users’ inability to log in, revealing a substantial projected loss.

User frustration resolved

The technical team, on receiving the report, prioritized the fix, but were unable to replicate the error. The analyst team shared links to relevant session replays directly from Decibel, which enabled them to see exactly what the problem was. This insight dramatically sped up the ability to fix the issue, ensuring users were once again able to log in, and avoiding any additional monetary loss.