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Quantify and score digital experiences

At last: a reliable measure for gauging the quality of digital experiences. Decibel scores every single user experience on your website or app, without asking users a single question.

Decibel’s Digital Experience Score (DXS®) predicts potential $30m annual revenue boost for travel leader TUI

Discover how world-leading travel company TUI translates customer experience into revenue with the Digital Experience Score (DXS®).


Finally – your top questions answered

How can I put a number to the quality of digital experiences on my website or app?

How can I manage and lead digital KPI improvements across the board?

How can I tie qualitative customer insights to quantitative performance data?

How can I unite my team’s understanding of how experiences impact business goals?

Unlock new analytical capabilities by automatically quantifying digital experiences

Performing effective analysis of digital experiences requires a new category of data: experience data. Decibel grants analysts the ability to put an actual number to user engagement, frustration, navigation, as well as form and technical experiences. With this level of insight, you’ll at last understand the human reasons behind why that test didn’t perform well, or why that personalized shopping experience failed.

Save time on projects by immediately understanding where to focus your optimization efforts

Decibel’s experience issues pinpoint where and why users are struggling, and quantifies the impact that struggle is having on your business. These are the highly visual insights you need to grant everyone in your team visibility into how to improve experiences – and why it’s so important to do so.


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