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Define audience segments and scopes of interest for custom analysis based on what is most important to you.


Using segments is a critical part of the Decibel product, allowing users to analyze the important audiences that drive testing, personalization, and marketing efforts. Set up custom segments or pull in from your other Martech tools, like Adobe or Google Analytics. 

Funnels & Flows

Quickly set up the relevant pages, page groups, and events that are needed to drive your analysis. Group pages in a meaningful way to understand how visitors travel through your website or app and understand where and why they drop off. 


Get notified about irregularities on your website or app. By tracking specific metrics and setting up triggers when those metrics show abnormalities, Decibel’s behavioral and site performance alerts ensure you have your finger on the pulse of important trends.  

Custom Dashboards

Easily configure bespoke dashboards most relevant to your specific objectives or businesses processes. With custom dashboards, you get an at-a-glance view of any important site performance or behavioral metrics and key visualizations, such as funnels and journeys. 

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