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Decibel identifies & prioritizes your website’s most urgent experience issues

Our AI uncovers poor digital experiences, allowing you to measure, benchmark, and improve CX across your entire digital offering.

Your four-step workflow to better customer experiences

Define your audience, discover the issues impacting their experiences, analyze the root cause, and connect your findings across your marketing stack for speedy implementations and improvements.


Define audience segments and scopes of interest for custom analysis based on what is most important to you.

Segments 1.

Analyze the important audiences that drive testing, personalization, and marketing efforts. Set up custom segments or pull in from your other Martech tools, like Adobe or Google Analytics. 

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Funnels 2.

Quickly set up the relevant pages, page groups, and events that are needed to drive your analysis. Group pages in a meaningful way to understand how visitors travel through your website or app and understand where and why they drop off. 

Alerts 3.

Get notified about irregularities on your website or app. By tracking specific metrics and setting up triggers when those metrics show abnormalities, Decibel’s behavioral and site performance alerts ensure you have your finger on the pulse of important trends.  

Custom Dashboards 4.

Easily configure bespoke dashboards most relevant to your specific objectives or businesses processes. With custom dashboards, you get an at-a-glance view of any important site performance or behavioral metrics and key visualizations, such as funnels and journeys. 


Let Decibel’s AI do the heavy lifting to surface and score poor experiences to prioritize the most urgent CX issues.

The Digital Experience Score (DXS) 1.

Finally, a metric that reliably measures the quality of digital customer experiences. Decibel’s DXS delivers an objective score (from 0-10) of every visitor experience across websites and apps, so you can benchmark performance over time and immediately see where to focus your efforts.

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Discover Reports 2.

Don’t know where to start? Use Discover Reports to uncover previously unknown issues and areas of opportunity by surfacing aggregate user behavior trends. Drill down on key metrics with a single click to identify issues, prioritize your team’s efforts, and benchmark progress. 

Experience Issues 3.

By detecting where problems and frustrated behaviors happen, Decibel uncovers and prioritizes the most urgent issues causing friction on your website or app. Presented as an actionable list and ordered by impact, you’ll know exactly where to focus your attention. 

Journeys 4.

Using starburst visualizations, Journeys automatically shows the actual paths that visitors take through your website or app from any entry or exit point. View large, complex data sets in an easy-to digest-format to quickly pinpoint bottlenecks and prioritize areas for investigation. 

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Get to the root cause of experience issues using Decibel’s forensic tools to find the fastest path to resolution.

Session Replay 1.

Harness the industry’s most powerful session replay solution to quickly visualize friction and solve experience problems. Decibel captures every user interaction and alerts you to engaged or frustrated behaviors, radically reducing your time to insight.

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Heatmaps 2.

Looking to improve the performance of a specific page? With a range of traditional and advanced heatmaps, Decibel gives you an unparalleled look into aggregate on-page trends to spot insights quickly. Get out-of-box tracking for dynamic elements, like dropdowns and carousels.   

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Form Analytics 3.

Easily pinpoint where issues arise while visitors interact with forms on your website or appFor each form, Decibel provides a Form Experience Score and generates a unique dashboard, allowing for rapid diagnosis of performance issues at both form and field-levels. 

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Funnels 4.

Do you know where your visitors are dropping off – and why? Set up funnels to track the flow of visitors through a defined path on a website or app, allowing you to uncover where the strengths and barriers are to conversion success. 

Technical Reports 5.

Get a quick snapshot of the technical issues and errors negatively impacting performance, including JavaScript errors, form validation errors, HTTP errors, application errors, HTML search, and page performance metrics (connection time, download time, and more).  


Supercharge your Martech stack with Decibel’s experience data through bi-directional and real-time integrations, as well as automated data streams.

Integrations 1.

Leverage our established, bi-directional and real-time integrations to seamlessly integrate with your entire Martech stack with our unique experience dataPull in segment data from analytics, testing, and VoC tools to layer on behavioral insights for deeper analysis.  

Data Stream 2.

Utilize Decibel’s unique experience data outside of the platform for advanced modeling, personalization efforts, and building new tools and systemsReceive large exports of session and page- level experience data delivered automatically on a 24-hour, batch basis.  

Enrich your entire MarTech stack with one-click integrations

Decibel’s technology is built on a flexible, fast, open API, enabling you to both pull in and push enriched experience data out to any technology in your stack – or share with your Data Science team to model the data in-house.
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