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Enhance VoC, Web Analytics, and A/B Testing Tools

Clarify your understanding of online user behavior by integrating experience analytics with web analytics, voice of customer, A/B testing, and personalization tools.  

Decibel provides digital teams with the ‘why’ behind online user behavior and web & app performance

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it: Decibel is built specifically to analyze and report on digital experience, granting a depth of insight that nothing else can.


Finally – your top questions answered

Why is our web analytics solution reporting a drop in conversion rates?

Why do our A/B tests return results we didn’t expect?

How can I get context and watch back the sessions of customers who complained?

Is personalization on our homepage actually working?

Understand the ‘why’ behind web analytics, A/B testing, and personalization data

Performing effective analysis of digital experiences requires a new category of data: experience data. Decibel grants analysts the ability to put an actual number to user engagement, frustration, navigation, as well as form and technical experiences. With this level of insight, you’ll at last understand the human reasons behind why that test didn’t perform well, or why that personalized shopping experience failed.

Watch back customer support issues as they occurred, and aggregate user struggle

Decibel’s session replay grants an over the shoulder view of individual issues exactly as they occurred, and exposes the exact code served to users, so teams can quickly find solutions. To diagnose issues at scale, behavioral heatmaps aggregate user struggles so you can instantly gauge the effectiveness of a particular page layout or user flow.


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