Mouse Reading Behavior

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Mouse reading behavior refers to when a user directly follows the content they are reading on a website or app with their mouse, denoting an engaged user experience.

It’s rare that a user will follow, say, an entire paragraph – but just a line or so is actually rather common.

This kind of mouse reading is indicative of real user engagement – think of it as the digital equivalent of a customer picking up and interacting with a product in-store.

Why is mouse reading behavior important?

Mouse reading behavior is a very useful metric for measuring how your customers respond to different messaging, and for identifying what they immediately notice on the page.

Looking at 6 million sessions across a major media site, our data scientists analyzed mouse reading behavior in relation to the number of goals completed by users. Within Decibel Insight, goals are triggered when a user completes a desirable action during their session. For the particular media website we looked at, goals are configured to trigger when users fill out a form, hit a call-to-action, or visit the paid subscription area of the website.

Our data scientists found that average users completed 0.31 goals per session, while user sessions containing mouse reading behavior completed an average of 0.98 goals.

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To learn more about mouse reading behavior – and other digital behaviors that denote user sentiment – download our full report on digital body language.

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