Vintage Dual 1229
Vintage Dual 1229 Vintage Dual 1229 Vintage Dual 1229 Vintage Dual 1229 Vintage Dual 1229 Vintage Dual 1229 Vintage Dual 1229
$ 439.00

This Dual 1229 turntable is in terrific condition and is fully functional. It comes with both a standard spindle and a stacker spindle. The wood plinth is in excellent condition although the Dual/United logo in front is missing. The dustcover has minor scuffing but no scratches, cracks or gouges. The idler wheel is in amazing shape, no drying or cracking. A Shure M44MB cartridge is currently mounted but we could mount a new cartridge from Grado or Ortofon at an additional cost.



With the 1229, Dual has achieved what many audio experts have called the no-compromise automatic.

The most dramatic example of this is the mode selector that shifts the entire tonearm base - down for single play, up for multiple play.

Thus the stylus tracks at precisely the correct angle in both modes of play.

The 8 3/4 inch tonearm, the longest of any automatic, tracks flawlessly at as low as 0.25 gram.

Other 1229 features include 12 inch a dynamically balanced 7lb platter, powerful continuous pole / synchronous motor, built in illuminated strobe with adjustable viewing angle and a calibrated tracking pressure dial.

The unit has 3 speeds with one semitone pitch variation on all three speeds and the torsionally rigid, extra-long all-metal tonearm features four-point Gimbal type bearing.


Drive: synchronous continuous-pole motor with radial elastic suspension

Platter: non-magnetic, dynamically balanced, weighing 3,1kg

Speeds: 33.33, 45 and 78rpm

Pitch control variation: 6%

Speed accuracy deviation: +-0.06%

Signal to noise ratio: -63dB weighted

Tonearm: extra-long, torsionally rigid metal arm, in 4-point gimbal suspension, with skeletal head design

Cartridge holder: removable, accepts all 1/2" cartridges from 1 to 12g

Dimensions: 376 x 308mm

Weight: 7.2kg