Why Eight Roads Ventures Invested in Decibel: Interview with Partner Michael Treskow

Jack Maden
Written by Jack Maden
July 21, 2020

Following Decibel’s recent $40m Series B, we caught up with our investors to hear their thoughts on our digital experience analytics solution, the market, and what’s in store over the next few years.

In this interview, we speak to Michael Treskow, Partner at Eight Roads Ventures. Eight Roads Ventures is a global venture capital firm managing $6bn of assets across offices in the UK, China, India, Japan, Singapore, and the US. Their 50-year history of investing includes partnerships with over 300 companies such as Alibaba, Made.com, and WuXi PharmaTech.

Tell us a bit about your firm & your general investment strategy and approach

My name is Michael Treskow and I’m a partner at Eight Roads Ventures, a global investment firm. We have teams in London, where I am, as well as throughout India, Japan, China, Singapore and the USA. We invest in exciting technology companies.

How did you first hear about Decibel?

We first heard about Decibel because their London HQ is actually walking distance from our London office! We’d heard really good things, dug in a little more, and were thrilled to speak to them and learn about their space and product.

What makes Decibel such an attractive proposition for investors?

It’s really about the team and product first and foremost, and then of course the market. We were really impressed by everyone we met at the company, and once we had our first product demo, and understood really the power of the platform, we were really excited by the opportunity.

We then dug into the market, and it’s big, it’s growing to be much bigger, and Decibel is at the front of it solving a really essential customer need, which from an investment standpoint is what makes the company such an attractive proposition.

What makes Decibel’s market so exciting?

What we really like about Decibel’s market is that providing better user experiences is a fundamental need companies have. With each passing day, as more products and services shift online, there’s more and more online consumption and engagement.

Digital is therefore critical and only becoming more so. It’s really important to make sure that a visitor to a website or app really has a good experience, that they’re getting what they’re looking for, and that they come away as a loyal customer as opposed to frustrated or disappointed. Every company with a website or app faces this problem, and it’s exactly what Decibel solves for.

Where do you see the company going?

This is still a relatively new market where there’s a lot of companies out there not fully aware of the opportunity – so getting the word out to those companies will remain a strong focus over the coming years.

You have to be good at solving the core problem, which Decibel is, but as technology evolves further and further, I see Decibel embedding artificial intelligence and machine learning even more deeply into its product to drive insight about how users engage with websites and apps. There’s been some really amazing developments in this area, and with the growing market the future for Decibel is looking very exciting.

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