Talia Wolf on the 4 Biggest Mistakes with Conversion Funnels and Landing Pages

Liam Burns
Written by Liam Burns
December 10, 2020

The latest session in Decibel’s Webinar Series featured optimization and conversion expert and founder of GetUpLift, Talia Wolf. We’re thankful she joined us for a thoughtful session covering how to fix common conversion funnel missteps, including best practice on building funnels from scratch, as well as optimizing existing conversion flows.

Below, we’ve summarized Talia’s major insights from the session. However, in case you missed it, we highly recommend watching back Talia’s webinar in full, packed as it is with fun and engaging examples. You can access the recording here.

The 4 most important steps in a high-converting funnel

According to Talia, the crux of a successfully sequenced conversion funnel is based off four foundational steps: the ad, the landing page, the thank you page, and the email.

Here’s how to approach and purpose each one the right way:

1. The ad: Make a promise to your prospects and bring attention to something they truly care about in every ad.

2. The landing page: Establish your first real connection with your prospects through empathy and understanding their pain point, then show you have a solution for them on each landing page.

3. The thank you page: Don’t miss the opportunity to generate more conversions with your form connections and ensure prospects returns with a thank you message page.

4. The email: Set the stage for the next steps of the customer journey, as it will have the biggest influence on potential sales.

The 4 biggest mistakes with ads, landing pages, and email sequences

With the four steps of your conversion funnel laid out, it’s a matter of making sure you’ve identified any flaws in your execution and making the right optimizations for the best chance of converting prospects into customers.

To iron out any friction in your conversion funnels and deliver a high-converting customer journey, Talia lays out the four biggest mistakes and how to fix them:

1. Your ad isn’t connected to your prospect’s stage in the customer journey.

The content in your ad – from creative to copy – should match the exact stage of your target prospect’s stage in the customer journey.

Following Eugene Schwartz’s ‘5 Stages of Awareness,’ your ad should target prospects based on the following stages: unaware, pain aware, solution aware, product aware, most aware (ready to buy). This will truly determine whether your ad’s messaging resonates with or alienates potential buyers.

2. Your landing page isn’t inspiring action

Problematic landing pages typically boil down to two issues: you’re either not solving the prospect’s problem or you’re focused on your brand and product instead of the prospect.

To sidestep this mistake, you should identify your prospect’s exact problem(s), highlight the potential value and outcomes for the customer if they take action, and finally provide clarity around the one action they need to take in order to receive this value.

3. You’re not leveraging thank you pages

Using a very plain and barebones thank you page or lacking one at all sends the wrong message to prospects and misses opportunities.

Executing a proper thank you page, you can make prospect feel confident in action, and you can even ask a prospect to take another action (like taking a survey or sharing this content, etc.). With the right thank you message in place, you can then proceed to set expectations for the next steps in their journey.

4. Your email isn’t delivering your promise

To truly make the most of conversions and maximize sales, it takes a thoughtful email that hits the right notes and validates the previous actions.

Avoid turning customers off by making sure you deliver on your initial promise, reiterating the prospect’s problem and its importance, explaining how you’ll solve this for them, and finally bringing clarity around the next steps.

Key takeaways from Talia Wolf’s insightful session on conversion funnels

With a clear grasp on the approach to nail your conversion funnel at every step, Talia leaves you with a few key takeaways you shouldn’t forget:

  • Focus on solving your customer’s pain
  • Focus on driving value
  • Continue the relationship beyond the landing page
  • Make it about them

Thank you very much again to Talia for joining us and sharing her enlightening wisdom! Ensure you don’t miss out on the full recording of the webinar here.

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