Infographic – The 5 Most Popular Tools for Optimizing Online Customer Experiences

Jack Maden
Written by Jack Maden
June 09, 2020

We asked 300+ companies about the tools, metrics, and practices they harness to measure and improve customer experiences on their websites and apps. In partnership with Econsultancy, we put together a comprehensive visual report of the full results here.

One section of the survey covered the kinds of tools enterprises use specifically for optimizing online customer experiences. The infographic below visualizes what we found, as well as recommendations for getting the most out of each category of technology.

See the infographic below: click to get the full-size PDF that you can share with your team.

Beyond the metrics

Remember: when it comes to optimizing websites and apps, there’s no silver bullets (though Decibel comes close!). The best approach is to combine information from multiple sources to give you more robust, accurate, and granular insights – and to share these insights widely across your organization to effect real change.

And be sure you’re keeping the focus on asking why customers are doing what they’re doing, rather than simply tracking their behavior. That’s where real understanding comes.

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