Infographic – 9 Facts Enterprise Teams Need to Know Before Using Heatmaps

Liam Burns
Written by Liam Burns
September 28, 2020

Heatmaps are one of the most popular tools for investigating online user experiences, and they’re essential for digital teams looking to optimize their websites and apps for better conversions and loyalty.

With the ability to visualize a wide variety of user behaviors and interactions on any given webpage, heatmaps offer insights into the user experience that other analytics tools simply can’t replicate. But whether you’re just getting started with heatmaps or looking to get more from this solution, there are a few strengths and weaknesses every end-user should know about – especially at the enterprise scale.

Dig into these 9 must-know heatmap facts outlined in the infographic below, and be sure to click for the full-size PDF version that you can share with your team.

Become a Heatmap Pro with the Latest Expertise 

So, you’ve got a firm grasp on the fundamental facts about heatmaps, but are you looking to expand that knowledge and master this tool like a true pro?

You’ve come to the right place! From new applications to expert best practices and advanced features, our latest ultimate guide on heatmaps covers everything you and your team need to know to generate actionable insights.

Here’s what’s included in this ultimate guide: 

  • The basics of heatmaps 
  • 6 strengths & 3 weaknesses of session replay 
  • 7 must-have capabilities of modern session replay solutions 
  • 8 simple steps for maximizing session replay insights 
  • Predictions for the future of heatmaps 
Topics: Behavior, Heatmaps, User experience
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