Infographic: 5 Key Trends Travel Websites & Apps Must Consider for Success in the 2020s

Jack Maden
Written by Jack Maden
February 26, 2020

After a decade of technological innovation in the 2010s, why do so many customers still leave travel websites and apps feeling frustrated and unsatisfied?

More than 68% of travelers use at least two or three different websites to complete their bookings.

Providing an exceptional customer experience is key to keeping travelers happy – and unlocking additional revenue streams.

Decibel’s conversion experts have teamed up with our friends at Adobe to highlight five important trends and challenges facing travel companies as we head into a new decade – and show how tracking the quality of the user experience will be crucial to stay ahead of the competition.

See the infographic below: click to get the full-size PDF that you can share with your team.

Are you ready for success in the 2020s?

To supplement the insights from the infographic, if you’re looking for a proven, repeatable process when it comes to optimizing your website or app, download our e-guide now: 17 Ideas to Boost Conversions and Loyalty on Your Travel Website or App.

Topics: Conversion Optimization, Customer Experience
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