Beyond Technology: 8 Ways Decibel’s Customer Teams Help Enterprises Achieve Optimization Success

Nadia Zorriasatain
Written by Nadia Zorriasatain
July 16, 2020

I’ve been part of Decibel’s customer success team for several years now, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned working alongside industry-leading enterprises, it’s that even with the best technology in the world, if organizations aren’t set up for success both culturally and strategically, technology quickly becomes irrelevant.

This is especially true when it comes to optimizing websites and apps – a function that can span multiple business units and departments. Who owns what? Who should have access to what? Who knows best?

Here at Decibel, we understand that our role goes beyond providing access to best-in-class experience analytics and optimization technology: it lies in ensuring the organizations that invest in Decibel are as primed for continuous success as they possibly can be, regardless of what it takes to get there.

Be it through training, custom insight reports, or tailored success planning to match particular needs, we’re with teams every step of the way in their company-wide journey of delivering better digital experiences to their customers.

Here are 8 ways our customer teams go beyond technology to help enterprises achieve maximum optimization success.

1. Unlimited access to a full-blown team

First things first, the most important thing is letting clients know they don’t just have access to 24/7 support, they have access to a full-blown team. Comprised of customer success managers, technical solution engineers, trainers, insight analysts and success planners, the Decibel team acts as an extension of your own optimization team, and is with you every step of the way.

2. Success starts before deployment

We strongly believe that success with technology starts prior to deployment. At Decibel, we assign dedicated success planners to incoming clients to work on identifying key objectives and align on business requirements.

From here, we develop a bespoke success plan which becomes a working document that we constantly review and update with you during onboarding and beyond.

3. Tailored, personalized onboarding and support

Every company is different, and every organization has its own technological quirks and needs. We therefore provide a custom onboarding team for tailored implementation support, regular touchpoints to track progress, thorough quality assurance checks, user acceptance testing phases – as well as a celebratory Go Live day!

What’s more, with Decibel’s API-first technology, if clients have particular integration needs or partnership requests, we work with them to ensure Decibel seamlessly fits into any tech stack out there.

4. Access to expert insight reports

We know sometimes resources can be stretched. For that reason, our own in-house analysts and experts are available for deployment to provide deep dives into client websites and apps, and report their findings in highly visual, engaging reports – which have helped some clients achieve fantastic results.

5. Validation studies: how experience translates to revenue

One of the most important things for any business is proving the value and return of certain investments. Everyone knows customer experience is important; but putting a monetary value on experience can be tricky.

Enter Decibel’s validation studies. Here our data scientists work with organizations to establish the relationship between experience and revenue on digital properties, so companies can feel confident that experience initiatives are more than worth investing in.

Take the world’s largest travel company, TUI. Our data scientists found that improving their Digital Experience Score (DXS) by one point translates into an extra $30m in annual revenue.

Alternatively, take retail magnate River Island. Our validation study predicted a 43% conversion increase if DXS was increased by one point, equating to a potential uplift of $4.2m in monthly revenue.

Validation studies are available to all our clients, and are a fantastic way to secure internal support and stakeholder buy-in for experience initiatives.

6. Direct input into our roadmap

The digital experience space has grown and grown over the last decade, and Decibel’s technology is constantly evolving to provide leading optimization teams with the functionality they need to deliver better experiences to their users.

While we have our own vision for the space, our clients provide some amazing ideas for how we can improve the Decibel solution, and through our collaborative partnership opportunities like our customer advisory board and beta program, customers have a direct impact on the features we develop – and quickly see their requests manifested in our releases.

7. Customer-dedicated events & workshops

We love spending time with our clients, and have all made some brilliant friends within the optimization community over the years. From small-scale workshops and social meet ups to our annual Decibel LIVE! event, we’re always out meeting optimization teams from leading enterprises all over the globe to learn more about the space, hear from industry leaders, and share tips and best practice.


We also host monthly customer webinars and bi-weekly thought leadership webinars, which aim to continuously inform about all things digital experience, and are available to all.

8. Ongoing training and support

From in-app guidance, feature walkthroughs and tailored training programs based on specific use cases, our expert trainers are always on hand to equip organizations with the tools they need to get the most out of Decibel and optimization generally.

Trainers provide work packs and even homework for fledging optimizers looking to improve not just user experiences but their own skillsets and knowhow.

Optimizing experiences for our customers so they can optimize experiences for theirs…

Customer experience is the name of the game here at Decibel. We focus on optimizing experiences for our own customers, so that they in turn can optimize the experiences of theirs.

Beyond the points outlined in the above, another key part to helping our customers on their journeys is by providing guidance and best practice when it comes to the strategy and tactics of optimization itself.

Our latest e-guide, The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Digital Experiences for Enterprise, distils our learnings from the last few years into a simple yet powerful 4-phase process for optimizing digital experiences. Hit the banner above to access it now.

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