6 Reasons Why Decibel is Gartner’s Coolest Business in Digital Experience Intelligence

Lauren Burgess
Written by Lauren Burgess
June 21, 2018

Here at Decibel we’ve always considered ourselves pretty cool. Now, we’ve got the opinion of the world’s leading research advisory body to back us up. We’re thrilled to announce that Gartner has named us one of 2018’s coolest vendors in personalization.

Personalization is a hot topic among analysts, designers and digital marketers who recognize its potential for building strong customer relationships and creating remarkable experiences. When experiences are personalized, they’re smoother, more intuitive and more engaging for customers at all stages of the buying journey.

With so many strong competitors occupying a small space, personalization is quickly becoming a key differentiator for enterprises. We expect seamless experiences and a big part of that is the ability to access the right content at the exact moment that it’s required. A one-size-fits-all experience can leave customers feeling unloved and disloyal.

Here at Decibel, we’re providing a platform for enterprises to analyze user data in a brand-new way. With our machine learning algorithms and sophisticated forensic tools, businesses are able to identify key user experience insights that allow them to build truly remarkable customer experiences personalized for the individual.

Read on for six reasons why the world’s biggest brands choose Decibel.

What Makes Decibel So Cool?

1. We’re obsessed with customer experience

With Decibel’s focus on intelligent data collection and analysis, our platform helps the world’s largest companies step into their customers’ shoes to understand, personalize and improve digital experiences faster than ever. Just take a look at this quote from Fidelity International’s Head of Digital Analytics, Alexander Hamilton, “We found actionable, powerful insights just three days after integrating with our VoC tool. That’s ROI from week one.”

2. We produce innovative solutions to age-old problems

For decades, businesses have been trying to understand how customer emotion and intention influences behavior and how they can design the most engaging, personalized experiences. The Decibel Digital Experience Intelligence platform helps bridge the gap between what customers do and how they feel, allowing enterprises to serve up the right content at the right time.

“The Decibel Digital Experience Intelligence platform helps bridge the gap between what customers do and how they feel, allowing enterprises to serve up the right content at the right time.”

3. We’ve introduced the first comprehensive score for measuring digital experience

This year, we launched our brand new Digital Experience Score (DXS®). It provides a benchmark for customer experience across all your digital properties and, because it updates in real time, is an instant indicator of optimization strategy results. Every page, visitor and journey is scored with DXS®, allowing insight into digital experiences at every level.

4. We work with some of the largest and most exciting companies in the world

Global enterprises like Asda/Walmart, Toyota and TUI utilize Decibel’s Digital Experience Intelligence platform to design compelling personalized experiences for their millions of site visitors every day. Check out our case studies to read more about how they leveraged the power of intelligent user data and deep analysis to improve metrics.

5. We integrate across your marketing stack

Whether it’s analytics, voice of customer, personalization or any other key technology, we provide a range of essential integrations that provide a richer, more holistic view of the customer at every stage of their journey. Our partnerships with businesses like Adobe make us a great option for enterprises looking to achieve a deeper level of analysis to help gain additional actionable insight into user behavior.

6. We’ve had some fantastic achievements

Decibel has been identified as a leader in our industry which we’re incredibly proud of. We’ve been the recipient of the Technology Business of the Year Award at the Startups Awards, Red Herring Top 100 Europe and Adobe Marketing Cloud Innovation Award. Now, we have our Cool Vendor label from Gartner.

To get your own copy of Gartner’s Cool Vendor report, simply click on the image below. It’s packed full of businesses do amazing things in personalization and we’re proud to be among them.

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