5 Things that Set Decibel’s Session Replay Apart from the Competition

Melissa Coito
Written by Melissa Coito
January 12, 2021

Session replay is one of the most powerful ways to understand your website visitors’ behavior and is a key feature within the Decibel solution. With session replay you can easily spot friction and solve experience problems by watching video-accurate renderings of the actual visits to your web properties across desktop, mobile, and tablets – in near real-time.

But, are all session replay tools the same? The short answer is no. Decibel prides itself on developing solutions that take the heavy lifting off the enterprise customer. Here are a few areas that make Decibel’s session replay best in market:

  • Cutting-edge, proprietary technology
  • Unique session replay functionality
  • Points you to the most impactful session replays
  • Direct accessibility to session replays throughout the product
  • Proven success with enterprise customers
  • Cutting-edge, proprietary technology

1. Cutting-edge collection capabilities

Decibel stands out amongst the competitive space for the cutting-edge technology behind its unique session replay offering. Unlike others session replay tools, we use proprietary technology to track and record the exact version of the page the visitor saw. This sophisticated method of data collection means that we fully support SPAs, AJAX, React, Angular, iframes, pop-ups, and all other personalised & dynamic content. All user interactions, such as mouse movements, clicks and gestures, tabs opened, copy and pasting and device interactions, like zooming and orientation changes, will also be displayed. 

In other words, our data collection goes well beyond the clicks and includes the insight on what happens between the clicks, e.g. focus state, device orientation, key presses, highlighted form elements, and many more measurements. This allows Decibel to have the most granular view into customer experience and provide this information at scale. Additionally, time stamps are taken for these actions, to allow for more sophisticated derived metrics to be expressed. Examples of the derived metrics include: 

  • Mouse distance: linking the coordinates of the different positions of the mouse 
  • Mouse speed: relating mouse distance with time 
  • Scroll direction: measuring the differences of the page position within the browser’s viewport 
  • Focus rate: the ratio between focus time and total duration, indicating user engagement

2. Unique playback functionality

Within the session replay feature, there also are a number of functions which make it easy for you as the user to quickly pinpoint areas of importance, share the identified issue with the relevant stakeholders, and organize session replays in a meaningful and useful way. Decibel also provides a simple framework for session replays to be shared across your entire organization easily, including integrations with tools like Slack.  

Our unique session replay functionality includes: 

  • Event stream: list of interaction types, such as errors, that occur during the visitor’s session.
  • Event filtering: filter the event stream by interaction types then skip to the point in the journey where it occurred.
  • Pause and comment functionality: stop on a part of the session replay that is of interest.
  • Download source panel (key to diagnosing technical issues): pause the session replay at any point and download the HTML source at the time the user visited the site.
  • Tag as Favorite: save the session replays important to you and your team – enabling signed in users to return for additional analysis at a later time 
  • Sharing tools: share replays across the whole organization;  the session will load in the recipient’s browser without them having to log in, and the recipient can also view and replay to any comments.

3. Points you to the most impactful replays

Even with the most powerful session replay functionality available, the sheer volume of session replays available can be staggering. To provide some context, over the last 30 days alone, Decibel has captured over 280M recorded sessions for our enterprise customers. For the average customer, that amounts to over 2 million session replays available to review. Wow! That would take an unimaginable amount of time for users to replay on their own with no direction. 


Thankfully, Decibel can help with that dilemma. Our Data Science team has built proprietary machine learning algorithms that analyze millions of user sessions in seconds to surface key behavioral patterns that enable digital teams to find actionable insights, fast. We then use these insights to help direct you to the exact session replays that matter most.  

How exactly does that all work inside of the Decibel solution? Good question.  

4. Jump straight in from journeys, forms, and funnel analysis

Decibel provides direct access to session replays across key areas of the product to quickly provide valuable diagnostic insights. Our reports and visualizations highlight key behavioral trends, identifies the number of users impacted to prioritize, and then links you directly to the underlying session replays for analysis. Here are a few examples:


Journeys, along with the DXS overlay, allow you to identify a pathway in which visitors are having a poor experience and quickly  pinpoint a  bottleneck to prioritize areas for investigation. From directly within Journeys, you can access a list of the exact Experience issues causing friction along the pathway – and lastly, drill down to watch the corresponding session replays and get a first-hand look at what your visitors are experiencing. 

Session Replays can also be accessed from both our Form and Funnels features.


Decibel generates a unique dashboard for each form on your website, allowing for rapid diagnosis of performance and issues. Within these dashboards, users can gain insight on engagement, abandonment, errors and completion on the form and field level. You can drill down on any metric to watch corresponding session replays directly from within the form analysis dashboard.​ Wow – pretty cool! 



Session replays associated with the different form behavior can also be analyzed using our Funnels feature, which provides a visualization of the dropout rate across particular pages, page groups or events, including the completion of forms. Directly from within the Funnels feature, you can access the Session Replays of users within that chosen funnel. ​ 

All in all, if you don’t know where to start, Decibel helps guide you towards the most important session replays for further investigation. But, it is also possible within Decibel to search for specific behaviors, segments, pages, forms and journeys, to focus analysis on the areas that you already know are important to you.  

The Sessions dashboard displays all visitors and enables you to view session replays for these visitors. You can create and apply segments to locate specific visitors, while the data is sorted by most recent visit by default. 

For example, if you were a digital marketing team focused on optimizing a new landing page, you could choose to narrow down to only the session replays of visitors interacting with that specific page – and, could then narrow down even further to only those visitors who exhibited a specific  behavior, like one indicating frustration or confusion. 

5. Proven success with enterprise businesses

With all of this advanced session replay functionality, it is no surprise that this feature is at the heart of many of our most successful customers’ optimization efforts. Here are two such examples: 


LEGO is one of many customers that use Decibel through our established, two-way integrations to achieve a more holistic view of digital customer experiences on their websites. They rely on session replay to validate NPS scores.

For example, if LEGO’s customer experience team receives a low NPS score through their VoC tool, they compare Decibel’s DXS score to support the NPS, explore relevant experience metrics, and watch back the unique session replay to investigate exactly what went wrong. The team can see immediately the NPS is reflective of the actual experience, as well as identify the exact root cause of  the poor experience. Using Decibel’s session replay, the team is now able to put critical context around reported poor experiences. 

“We were finally able to identify a lot of the pain points that were happening in the checkout process which we never would have known about otherwise,” says Tim Murphy, Leader of Global eCommerce Shopper Experience at LEGO. 

British Airways 

And, the below antidote from British Airways provides an example of how fast and direct access to relevant session replays enables agile CX optimizations.

The digital team at British Airways discovered a critical problem with their hotel photo slideshows after being alerted by Decibel of a responsive multi-click behavior. After identifying the issue within a Decibel report, the linked session replays showed that whenever users clicked ‘Next’ on the first photo in a slideshow, a ‘Previous’ button appeared in its place, shifting the position of the ‘Next’ button along with it. This led to several website visitors to mistakenly click the ‘Previous’ button, which would disappear again once the user had unintentionally returned to the first photo in the slideshow.

In one session replay after another, the British Airways team saw visitors bouncing between the same two photos in a loop and frantically clicking the button with growing frustration. 

Fortunately, by connecting the uncovered experience issue (responsive multi-click) to the exact session replays, the British Airways team was easily able to pinpoint and resolve the problem at hand. 

Use session replay like an expert with the latest tactics and tech

While there have been many advancements in the digital experience analytics space  in recent years, one core feature continues to drive critical insights: Session Replay.

It remains one of the most powerful ways to understand your website visitors’ behavior and an absolutely crucial feature within the Decibel solution. But remember, not all session replay tools are created equal. Within the digital experience analytics space, Decibel’s functionality stands out as the most powerful and fully integrated feature in the market today. 

For a closer look at modern session replay features and end-user strategies, check out Session Replay and Session Recording in 2020: The Ultimate Guide, and Latest Functionality for Enterprise.

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